Joshua Tree returns as UFO enthusiast destination with CONTACT in the DESERT, the community’s premiere event, returning August 8-11

joshuatreestarrysky-sliderWith the popularity of television shows such as “Ancient Aliens,” UFO enthusiasts hunger for more! Once attracting thousands of UFO enthusiasts, Joshua Tree, California, is rejoining the list of top UFO tourism destinations along with Area 51 northwest of Las Vegas, and Wiltshire east of London, England, due to its long history of sightings and the popular CONTACT in the DESERT event now in its second year, taking place, appropriately, during the Perseid Meteor Showers.

Called the “premiere UFO convention” by the LA Weekly, visitors to Joshua Tree who attend the CONTACT in the DESERT event from August 8-11 will be able to enjoy lectures, panels, workshops, and fieldwork experiences with some of the top UFO experts in the world including Chariots of the Gods author Erich von Daniken, “Ancient Aliens” star Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and radio host George Noory of “Coast to Coast Radio AM.” Continue reading

Veronica De La Cruz moves to the Bay Area as new anchor for CBS San Francisco

Veronica De La CruzThe Eric De La Cruz Hope for Hearts Foundation is pleased to announce their founder, former NBC News and MSNBC anchor, Veronica De La Cruz has made her long awaited debut in the Bay Area anchoring the KPIX 5 News at 6pm as well as launching a new 10pm show on the CW, which debuts in July. Becoming a part of Northern California’s pioneer television station after a long run in national news represents a homecoming for this self-described “California girl”. Continue reading

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy honors Liberty Hill Foundation with 2014 Impact Award

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) announced from Washington D.C. that it has selected L.A.’s Liberty Hill Foundation to receive its 2014 Impact Award in the community foundation category. Liberty Hill is proud to be recognized and to keep company with the other 2014 awardees: Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, The California Endowment and Hill-Snowdon Foundation.

The Impact Awards were created by NCRP, a philanthropy watchdog group, “to honor foundations of all sizes that practice smart, high-impact philanthropic strategies” and to promote philanthropy “that serves the public good, is responsive to people and communities with the least wealth and opportunity, and is held accountable to the highest standards of integrity and openness.”

“This year’s 2014 NCRP Impact Awardees are a class above other foundations in the country,” said NCRP Executive Director Aaron Dorfman. “Their boldness, commitment to addressing the needs of the underserved and dedication to strategies that change lives for the better is an inspiration to all who seek to be changemakers in their communities.” Continue reading

Two Los Angeles teens launch skate brand Black Tie Emporium at noted Fairfax space ADBD June 3

BTE InviteLike many native Angeleno teens, Jonathan Heit and Alex Trevino are avid skateboarders and denizens of the Fairfax neighborhood’s concentration of skate, hip-hop and sneaker trendsetting retailers. With unique experiences that make them wise beyond their years, Heit and Trevino are launching Black Tie Emporium, an on trend skate/street apparel line at noted Fairfax space ADBD on June 3 from 7-10pm.

At just 13, Heit, already a film and television acting veteran, and Trevino, a budding mogul, came up with the idea of designing their own apparel line during an afternoon study hall.

“We were talking about skateboarding and we thought it would be so sick if we could just design our own clothes, stuff we’d wear boarding or just hanging out,” says Alex. “We wanted things that are different from the clothes sold in stores today, cool, colorful shirts with designs that anybody could wear but that we could jump into any time we skate.”

Added Jonathan, “Every time we go out to the park there are new people there – boys and girls – and we thought how cool it would be to have our own brand. We came up with the Black Tie idea because it’s so opposite what most people think of when they think of skateboarders.”

Jonathan is known from his appearances on television and in movies. He stars in the TV series, “Granite Flats” on upstart family cable network BYU-TV and has guest starred in the Nickelodeon series “Deadtime Stories,” as well as popular shows such as “How I Met Your Mother” and “Monk.”  He’s also had lead roles in top movies including Date Night, Valentine’s Day, and Bedtime Stories. Additionally Jonathan lent his voice to more than 30 “Family Guy” episodes and originated the role of Cubby in over 100 episodes of Disney’s “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.” He’s an enthusiastic fund raiser and advocate for several causes including acting as Youth Ambassador for UNICEF, doing work with Soles4Souls, and now fundraising for unite4:good. Jonathan is using funds from his acting career to jumpstart Black Tie Emporium. Continue reading

CONTACT in the DESERT, the UFO Community’s Premier event, returns to Joshua Tree August 8-11

2014 GraphicWith most of the planet’s top UFO experts re-converging on the Joshua Tree Retreat Center from August 8–11, 2014, this noted contact point will again host the signature event of the UFO community. Headlined by legendary, Chariots of the Gods author Erich von Daniken, “Ancient Aliens” expert Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and George Noory of “Coast to Coast Radio AM,” CONTACT In the DESERT is committed to a serious, academic look at the UFO phenomenon, its impact on the human race and what it means going forward. Timed to coincide with the Perseids Meteor Shower, the second CONTACT in the DESERT will explore UFO technology, ancient aliens, human origins and the need to know with the leading scientific and military experts, researchers and theorists on the subject.

CONTACT in the DESERT has put together a very powerful line up of the leading UFO and Ancient Aliens speakers, all in one weekend. This prestigious group will feature Dr. Steven Greer, David Wilcock, Jim Marrs, Michael Tellinger, Nick Pope, John Anthony West, Colin Andrews, Jason Martell, David Jacobs, Linda Moulton Howe, David Sereda, James Gilliland, Stephen Bassett, Laura Eisenhower, Richard Dolan, Jesse Marcel, Nick Redfern, Mike Bara, Travis Walton, Yvonne Smith, Marshall Klarfeld, William Brown, Robert Perala, Robert Salas, Donald Schmitt, Alejandro Rojas, Mark Peebler, Dr. Lynne Kitei, Douglas Taylor, Dr. Joel Wallach, Celeste Yarnall, Barbara Harris and Gerald Clark. Continue reading

Patriot, the first Brooke Kinley Adventure debuts at #13 on Amazon with rave reviews

patriot cover“UNSTOPPABLE thriller…I don’t believe I took a breath the entire time. As a thriller/political espionage aficionado, I rank PATRIOT in the pantheon of the BEST”                                                         Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes, Mallory Heart Reviews

What would you do for your country? In Afghanistan, a US Army Patrol is devastated by an enemy with sophisticated weaponry, while in D.C., Pentagon staffer Scott Jenson tips off the ambitious young reporter Brooke Kinley about a billionaire businessman’s involvement in terrorism. But why is the White House determined to protect this businessman, and why does the answer seem to lie in the Canadian wilderness? In a dangerous journey to the remotest parts of the world and the darkest corners of men’s hearts, Brooke races to prevent a catastrophic attack on America, but can she uncover the real traitor?

Debuting at #13 on for International Mystery & Crime, new bestseller Patriot is a pulse pounding, high octane adventure thriller with a heroine who is as happy running rapids as she is asking difficult questions at the Pentagon, its Homeland channeled through Bear Grylls. This debut novel by A.S. Bond will be appreciated by fans of Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy. Continue reading

Liberty Hill adds awardee, presenters, and musical guest to annual Upton Sinclair Dinner April 22

Liberty Hill Upton Sinclair Dinner banner

Liberty Hill Foundation’s annual Upton Sinclair Dinner celebrates and honors community leaders who are working on the frontlines of change for a more equitable city for all Angelenos. This year’s recipient of the namesake Upton Sinclair Award is the executive producer of high grossing comedies, The Hangover series, and juvenile justice reform champion Scott Budnick. Vice President of Local Public Affairs for Southern California Edison Veronica Gutierrez will receive the Founder’s Award and respected independent film producers Albert Berger & Ron Yerxa will receive the Creative Vision Award. Another award at this year’s dinner has just been announced: the Diversity in Philanthropy Award will be given to Kafi Blumenfield, who stepped down as President/CEO of Liberty Hill late last year.

The 2014 fundraising gala takes place on April 22 at the Beverly Hilton. Liberty Hill brings together community organizers, donor activists and allies advancing social justice, and expects more than 700 supporters to join in celebration of their 2014 honorees. All proceeds will support Liberty Hill’s mission of change, not charity. The event will feature a performance of the classic songs “See How We Are” and “Never Enough” by John Doe, a musician revered in Los Angeles for his work as a founder of the bands X and The Knitters and whose commitment to social justice has been integrally weaved into his songs for decades. Continue reading

SewDown Returns for LA Fashion Week Fall 2014 Heroes & Heroines Agency Present Atousa G’s Street Fashion Powered Show and Sale Set for March 15th

SewDown 14 flyer NewDesigner Atousa G’s Fashion Forward event, coproduced by Chaya Sarah Bacharach, SewDown returns for Los Angeles Fashion Week Fall 2014. Presented by Heroes & Heroines Agency, a new agency representing DJs, VJs, models and personalities, the popular and edgy show and sale will take place March 15 at 333 Live in Downtown Los Angeles, at 333 Boyleston Street, from 8pm – 2am. SewDown will feature cutting edge lines on the runway at 10pm, music from top artists and DJs, visuals and the sexy crowd that made SewDown the favorite street fashion show during LA’s Fashion Week from 2003 – 2010. Continue reading

The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers to Screen at Alexandria’s AMC Hoffman Center March 7 – 13

“A sweeping tome of Israeli politics and history” – Hilary Clinton

“Offers important lessons for the future” – Benjamin Netanyahu

“An extremely important work” – Shimon Peres

The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers is the 13th release by Moriah Films, the Academy Award‐winning documentary filmmaking division of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Based on the best‐ selling book by Ambassador Yehuda Avner, The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers takes the audience inside the offices of Israel’s Prime Ministers through the eyes of an insider, Yehuda Avner, who served as a chief aide, English language note‐taker and speechwriter to Levi Eshkol, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin, and Shimon Peres.

The first of two parts, The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers focuses on Ambassador Avner’s years working with Prime Ministers Levi Eshkol and Golda Meir and then US Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin and reveals new details about the Six‐Day War, the development of Israel’s close strategic relationship with the United States, the fight against terrorism, the Yom Kippur War and its aftermath. Continue reading

Coconut Powered: Tongan Luger Bruno Banani Competes in Sochi Winter Olympics, Makai’s Marketing Strategy Succeeds

Luger Bruno Banani, the winter free Pacific Island nation of Tonga‘s first and only ever participant in the Winter Olympics has successfully competed in the luge event, coming in 32nd, ahead of a racer from Norway, a country where it snows quite a bit, and six others.

As luge is one of the world’s fastest and most dangerous winter sports, one doesn‘t associate it with the tropical archipelago in the South Pacific, Tonga. How Bruno came to be one of the top lugers in the world is truly an amazing story of athletic and marketing genius.

Bruno’s adventure comes out of the unique culture developed by Makai Inc, an independent and top 100 global promotions agency founded in 1995 by Robbie Thain, in his bedroom, and now based in the up and coming Silicon Beach neighborhood of El Segundo, California. Known for its experiential marketing campaigns for top companies as diverse as Intel, Kraft, Toyota,  Mattel, and many more and its unique culture where ideas can bubble up from within, Thain is proud of this campaign as an example of Makai’s creativity and moxie. Continue reading